Frequently Asked Questions

A Shade Better has the best selection of lamps and lampshades in the Greater Cincinnati area. Even so, we are often asked about what it is that sets us apart from other lighting stores; both local and online. We invite you to review our frequently asked questions below, discover how to get the best possible service and selection, and visit us in store.

Q: What sets A Shade Better apart?


A: At A Shade Better, the three things the separate us from other stores are selection, quality, and service. We carry thousands of lamps and hundreds of shades in stock every day. Big box stores who sell all types of items can’t carry the wide selection of items we do because their shelf space is devoted to various departments. Not only that, they can’t carry the quality that we do because their customers expect “cheap” products above all else. While we do have clearance shades and shades to fit every budget, you will find the highest quality of lamps and shades at a A Shade Better. When you hold a big box shade in one hand and one of our shades in the other, you can literally feel the difference. Finally, our staff is knowledgeable, courteous, and experienced in helping you get the right selection for your home. We know the intricacies of not only how a lamp or shade will look in your home, but how to get the right shade for your lamp to ensure the perfect fit. We believe that these things and more truly make us “A Shade Better” than the rest.




Q: Why do I need to bring my lamp with me when selecting a shade?

A: We ask that you bring your lamp into the store with you when shopping for a new shade; even if you want the same shade you had before. Why? Because it allows us to provide you with more choices and the best possible service. It may seem like it should be simple to find a shade that existed in multitudes several decades ago, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s about finding something similar that matches the tone and quality of what you’re looking for. Even when the shade is nearly identical, though, the fit can be different than your previous shade. Because of our staff’s experience we can make the minor adjustments necessary to ensure that your shade is the perfect size and fit for your lamp. We can only do that, however, if you bring your lamp with you. As our owner Tom likes to say, “buying a lampshade without bringing your lamp is like buying a hat without bringing your head!”

Q: Isn't it easier to shop online?

A: Many people ask why they should shop in-store at A Shade Better rather than shop online. To us it is simple: You are more likely to get the high-quality results you’re hoping for the first time without the unknowns of online shopping. An interior designer recently came to us after her client had spent hours shopping online. She bought several shades and waited for them to arrive. Unsatisfied, she went to the post office and returned the shades. After coming to A Shade Better, she had the perfect shades for her lamps in 20 minutes. Not only was it quicker, but the quality was better and the service was helpful in making her search for the perfect shades a success. Is it possible that you could find an acceptable shade cheaper online? We suppose so. The ease of shopping in-store, however, sets A Shade Better apart from the unknown results of buying online and shipping items back and forth.

Q: Do you do special orders?

A: We try our best to ensure that we will have the lamp or shade you need in stock. That’s why we carry hundreds of lamps and thousands of shades in stock every day. If that’s not possible, however, we are happy to assist our customers through special orders. Sometimes that means ordering a shade in a different size, color, or shape. Some shades are completely custom built. That may mean recovering an older shade that you would like to have around for many years to come, or creating a shade to the specifications of a customer. While it may take a little bit longer or cost a bit more than purchasing an in-stock shade, we find that our customers appreciate knowing that we will go the extra mile to ensure that they get the perfect shade for their lamp.


Q: Can you repair my broken lamp?

A: At A Shade Better we think of performing lamp repairs almost as a community service. People fall in love with their lamps, especially if one is a family heirloom or has sentimental value. And if your lamp is old enough to need a new shade, it’s probably old enough for it to be looked at electrically. We perform lamp repairs daily, and have the experience to make each repair the right way to ensure that your lamp isn’t only beautiful, but is functional and safe as well. That means a new socket, cord, switches, and pad. You’ve had your lamp for a long time, and for 21 years we’ve been helping people love their lamps even longer.